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Where to get and modernize a old pickling plant.

We know, advice and build

Why invest large amounts of money on a over developed production line that only looks perfect? Remember that in simplicity is the real power.

We know, advice and build

How to lower the energy costs on your pre heating pickling bath solutions ( 20 - 30 % a year ).

We know, advice and build

Think how much energy and money does it take to communicate with reluctant companies. So do not hesitate and contact us right now.

Who takes care of all the things?

Of course we do that. The producer of one of the best galvanizing and pickling plants in Europe.

Your problems become also our problems

We have all the necessary tools, Quality and reliability for a fair price! We also cooperate with large czech and international companies.

Our tip

Buy our new insulated lid with a gear-box, sensors and so solve the problems with the pneumatical cylinders non sealing hoses and ventiles.

We buil our products fully automated only with a START and TOP button.

Im sure that the cooperation between out companies will lead to good long turm relationships and many business achievements.

Yours sincerely

Jaroslav Peter OLBEST s.r.o. owner and spokesman

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