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Installing manual

The ground filter is placed between the waste plumbs and the outflow device. Allways prefer slightly sloped terrain with absolutely no car traffic. Place the ground filter on a slightly sloped with sand or a 10 cm thick concrete base panel. After the filter is put on its place, gravel and filtering materials are poured on the drainings. After that cover the top with covering foil and soil. Filling up the filter must be done gradually. Don't fill the filter more than over 25 cm at the same time while pouring and hardening the soil around it. To secure the filters propher working, place it so that the base joint is well placed above the ground water level.

Technical data

A ground filter is delivered in a dimensional estimated size according to the cleaning attributes: How many people are connected and the first level cleaning effectivity. This technology is designed in accordance to the ČSN 756402 "wastewater cleaning plants with 50 equivalent users" norm.

Cleaned water quality

The water quality cleaned in a septic with a groundfilter is similar as if it was cleaned with a active wastewater plant.

  • BSK5............8 - 35 mg/l
  • NL.................8 - 35 mg/l
  • CHSKCR...20 - 120 mg/l

The real water pollution values depend on the filter usage and sticking to the operation manual.


Ground filter advantages

Durability of the filtering filling ( sand ) is estimated from 12 - 18 years. No spetial attendance or handling is required and also a part time usage is not a problem. Ground filters have zero work costs, no electric parts, easy installation and high cleaning efficiency ( 91 - 96% ). Also changing the filling is very easy. The used sand is dug out and changed for a fres one.


Zemní filtrZemní filtrZemní filtrZemní filtrZemní filtrZemní filtrZemní filtr


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