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Installing manual

Construction solution

Cylindrical cesspools and containers type "Submarine" are designed and produced according to he ČSN 756081 norm. Their endurance is proven by a statical calculation. The cesspools main body consists of homogeneous polypropylene pannels that are rolled and welded together in cold, using leister technology which then creates a water proof cylinder. Then ribs and supports of the same lenght and diameter are attached to the cesspools hull. The cesspool side walls are 12 mm strong, and are supported by radial rigs which are welded on its sides. A entry shaft, also known as the "chimney" by the diameter of 70 cm is made on top of the cesspool. We also give to every cesspool and container a statement of conformity.


The cesspools produced by our compady have a cylindrical shape and a self holding construction, so that a concrete base plate isnt needed. The ditch in which the cesspool is going to be placed, should be atleast 15 cm wider then the pool on eatch side. To estimate the depth of a ditch we have to consider that the inflow pipe needs to have 3 cm fall on every 1 m length. Then we put 4 - 8 metal rods ( 8 - 10 mm thick ) thru the rib holes at the bottom, along the cesspools whole lenght. After the cesspool is placed on the hardened ditch bed. A spirit level should be used to check if the cesspool stands straight. The cesspool is the filled to its half with water. After that concrete is poured down in to the ditch until the last top metal rod ( roxore ) is covered with it. Wait then until the concrete is hard and put soil in the ditch to cover up the cesspool. Remember to check the earth you pour in for sharp or big stones as they might damage your cesspools hull. Keep the water level in the cesspool always 30 cm above the earth that you pour into the ditch. The soil layer over the cesspool can be maximally 1m thick ( if the cylinder diameter is 150 cm ) and 60 cm ( if the cylinder diameter is 2m ). Under another circumstances you will have to make a 20cm thick concrete plate on the cesspools body with a 10cm overlap netting. According to the local conditions ( sub soil water, buildings, roads ) you will have to take precautions against the possible damage. A 70 cm trap door is covering the entrance shaft ( chimney ) to the cesspool. The trap door can be stepped on and must be 4 -7 cm over the ground level, so that the ground water cant get into the tank. A drainind hose must be placed into the ditch if you are having problems with sub soil water. The fact that the underground water on yout parcell might reach half of the cesspools body must be told to us before we start with the cesspools production. Important notice to all plastic containers!!! No matter if the terrain is impervious such as rock ro clay, the cesspool must be secured in the same way! Due to the prophylene from which the cesspools are made, they become more fragile when the temperatures drop. So we do not reccomend any manipulation with the cesspool if the temperatures drop below 5 °c.


The guarantee period is 2 years and does not cover any damage done by not following the installing manual.


Download the installing manual here!

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