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Self holding cylindrical cesspools and water containers prizing




 These cesspool prices are same as for the rainwater containers. In the case of a septic, add the price of an extra bulkhead, which is either 3 990 Kč or 4 990 Kč according to the cylinders diameter. If something isnt clear to you please contact us via phone, email or visit us personally. We will be more than happy to help you.

Technický popis usazení žumpy

 The prizes shown, include: Cesspools with 2 bulkheads and containers type submarine hard with a welded inflow tube, entry "chimney" 0,5m high and a trap door. There is also possible to increase the number of the cesspools chambers by adding more bulkheads, prolonging the "chimney" and a possible trap door lock. All this for free!!! The prices aren't calculated with the VAT. In the case that the cesspool is going to be installed to a house which fulfills the social terms of living ( floor area aint larger than 350 m2 ) a lower 10% VAT can be claimed. We are also able to manufacture atypical cesspools on your wish.



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