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Building site readiness and pool installation 

Earthwork preparation

The ditch has to be at least 20 centimeters wider on each side then the pools body. Pools deepness should be deduced from its walls, wich is usually 120 - 150 centimeters.Then count in the thickness of the foundations bedplate wich is from 15 - 20 centimeters. The bedplate is strenghthened with a armature, and has to be horizontally flat. In the case that the pool will be welded on the construction site, the ditch needs to be 1 meter wider and longer then the pools body. Before putting the pool inside the ditch, cover the entire concrete bottom with 1 centimeter thick polystyrene plates. This is to isolate the pool and correct any bumps. We strongly recommend to do a 15 centimeter thick gravel subbase.

A example how to estimate the ditch deepness for a pool which walls are 150 centimeters high:

  1. Gravel subbase 15 cm
  2. Concrete base panel 15 cm
  3. isolation 1 cm
  4. Entire ditch deepness 181 cm

Use 20 - 30 mm particle size stones for the gravel subbase. Then put all around the pool drainings wich need to lead as far as possible from the pool. Do no underestimate  the drainings because subsoil water can be unpredictable.


Placing the pool on its place and concreting

Just before putting the pool on its place, put 50 mm thick polystyrene plates along its sides and through the holes in its ribs put 10 mm thick roxores. We reccomend that before starting the concreting, fill the pool atleast with 25 - 30 centimeters water. Then gradually continue to fill water in the pool and concrete on its sides in proportion: 1,6 water to 1,0 concrete. To prevent any deformations, the water level as the concrete level should be the same. We reccomend to lay no more than 30 - 40 centimeters of concrete around the pool a day. The each concrete layers need to be strong enought so that the pool would not collapse. It is strictly forbidden to press on the concrete or force it in the ditch otherwise.

Sand filtration

The filtration can be installed maximally 7 meters away from the pool, at best in a technological room ( cellar, garage or similar ). Where this isnt possible, put the filtration in a waterproof shaft that has been made by us. If a electric switchboard will not be used, then we'll have to install a 230 V electric plug to the filtration. The plug will be connected to a current protector ( 0,03 A - according to the standard ČSN ). Also a trench has to be dug, leading from the filtration shaft to the pool. In this trench will be the plastic plumbing laying wich we recommend to be buried in sand to prevent any damage. The filtration shaft is layed on a concrete bed and is further concreted all around.

Pool in winter

After the season ends the water shall be pumped out to a 15 cm level below the nozzles, or in the case of a installed counter stream 5- 10 cm below its plastic covering.The water has also to be drained from the sand container, piping and the pump. T he pump shall then be stored in a room where the temperatures dont fall below the freezing point. Then put dilatation elements along with the wintering mixture into the water. You can buy both of these mixtures in our shop. In the spring, after you cleaned the side walls, put all the needed chemistry into the water and the pool will be ready for the new season again.


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