OLBEST - bazény - septiky - Jaroslav PeterOstravská 56, 739 25 Sviadnov, okr. Frýdek-Místek, tel.: 558 655 561, fax: 558 655 561 ,web:www.bazeny-olbest.cz, email:info@bazeny-olbest.cz, IEO: 12091596 , DIE: CZ6305090154, mob: 777 566 646


We are able to repare swimming pools, cesspools, wastewater treatment plants, septics, fat or oil separators and groung filters. We can also do a plastic sheating on old concrete shafts. We also offer pool wintering and after the winter making it ready for the new season again. Other service: Whole maintenance during the year, reparing and remanufacturing pumps.




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