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Plastic rainwater containers with an automatic pump

Our plastic containers can be used for collecting rainwater, which can be used for:


The rainwater is low on salt so it doesn't damage the soil. Also it does not contain chlorine. It is ofcourse a cheap and ecological way to water your garden.


Rainwater is used for washing in regions where water is either hard or too soft. Because the rainwater is soft, the washing powder dissolves better, so reducing the costs and also the sediments are eliminated. So not only that you save drinking water but your washing machine life durability will be prolonged.

Toilet flushing

Using the rainwater to flush your toilet is also a cheap way how to save money, das the water is much softer so no sediments will occure.


Rainwater can be used for washing cars or places where large amount of water is needed. In all thes cases you need large quantity of cheap water.


For maximum system functionallity, shouldn't be the rainwater container further than 20m away from the pump. A 5m maximum hight difference is also allowed.

Storaging the rain water

Using rainwater on the basis of its good features you gain this positive effects.

  • Optimal usage for watering
  • Better washing efficiency ( 50% resources are saved )
  • No sediments in your washin machine
  • Rainwater containers can be relatively small
  • No sewer outflows during intence rains

A combination of using rainwater and soaking into the soil is a optimal ecological concept. Rainwater cycle is maximally used.

Hygienical poin of wiew

If installed properly, then there are no complains against usin rainwater in the household. This confirms a scientifical study in Bremes about the usage of rainwater. The only difference between washing in normal water and rainwater is that if you use rainwater a significant amount of money is saved.


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