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Wastewater treatment plants

Wastewater treatment plant is a plastic container used to dispose of wastewater.WWTP are made of polypropylene. They are cylinrically shaped with a trap door on the top. The container is strengthened on the outer side with ribs and supports. Eatch technological areas are separated by bulkheads. The cleaning process is based on a mechanical-biological principle. The wastewater flows into the denitrification chamber and from there it is pumped to the activation area in which along with the areation, biological cleaning process starts. A mixture of water and sewage then flows to the separation chamber where the sewage and water are separated. The cleaned water then flows into a sewer or a watering container. Every WWTP has a blower installed in its own technological box.



Wastewater treatment plants advantages

  • Low upkeep costs
  • Quiet while working
  • Minimal maintenance difficulty
  • Easy installation
  • Concreting only on some parts
  • Long life durability
  • High cleaning efficency
  • Possibility of using the cleaned water for watering

Eatch WWTP needs a 230V power source. They are placed on concrete flat pannels and concreted all around their body up to 0,4m. The rest of the WWTP body is then covered with soil.

Čístírna odpadních vod 1Čístírna odpadních vod 2Čístírna odpadních vod 4Čístírna odpadních vod 3Čístírna odpadních vod 5ČOV - čistička odpadníchvod 1ČOV - čistička odpadníchvod 2



In the case that the WWTP is going to be installed to a house which fulfills the social terms of living ( floor area ain't larger than 350 m2 ) a lower 10% VAT can be claimed.

The price includes:

  • Delivery - Depends on the distance                
  • Installing & Starting your WWTP - 2 400 Kč without VAT
  • Installing works - 350 Kč per hour
  • Container with a blower - 1 900 Kč without VAT
  • Custom hight of your WWTP - 890 Kč per 10 cm without VAT


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