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Pool roofing      

High variability allows us to produce any type of roofing, and so please even the most demanding customers. Roofings that are produced and installed by us havean atractive design and their technical parameters as their price makes them a must have product. The roofing is composed from a system of segments, which are able to be telescopically rolled in together because of the rails they are installed on. To prevent any free movement we secure the segments with arretation pieces and also seal them with PVC. The main body is made from a aluminium alloy with the "ELOX" surface treatment. The main body's surface can also be made as an imitation of wood. The roofings fronts may also be detachable. The pannels are made from 10mm thick polycarbonate with a UV stabilizer ( pure, pale blue and smoky colour ). The doors can be placed either in the front or on the sides of the roofing aswell as movable or hinged.


Roofing types

  • Arc roofing
  • With a straight side wall
  • With sloping
  • Circle roofing
  • Roofing attached to the wall
  • Atypical roofing


Buying a roofing

  • Avoids the water pollution by tree leaves
  • Prolongs the bathing season
  • Secures the pool against small children and possible accidents
  • Less chemicals are needet to maintain the water
  • No waste of energy when you heat your pool
  • Uses the solar energy to warm up the water 

Roofing prizing

arc roofing 6,3 x 3,5 x 1,6m =  79 500 Kč including 10%VAT, transportation and installation

arc roofing with a slope 8,4 x 4,0 x 2,0m = 128 800 Kč incl. 10% VAT, transportation and installation


The prices depend on the type and the roofings. And so we advice that every customer tells us his demands in the form request, we will then do an estimate and send it back as soon as possible.


Fill in a non engagement request of your dream roofing

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