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Swimming pools

We produce plastic pools of different shapes and sizes according to the customers wish. The pools are weldet from a health safe, ecologically unobjectionable polypropylene. The plastic material comes in mid blue color and is from 5 - 8 mm thick. There is also a UV filter in the plastics chemical structure to prevent any damage done by sunlight. Our company, as one of the few owns a CNC welding machine. So as professionals we advice you to ask questions about the welds quality, If you want to buy from someone else then us. The material durability is atleast 25 to 30 years, and depend on the maintenance. We also deliver pools on a turnkey project. So if we caught yout interest dont be shy and contact us.

Basic pool shapes:

Bazén obdélník bez schodiště 3dObdélník s románským schodištěm 3dBazén obdélník s bočním románským schodištěm 3dBazén obdélník s bočním schodištěm 3dBazén obdélník s čelním schodištěm 3dBazén obdélník s levým rohovým schodištěm 3dBazén obdélník s pravým rohovým schodištěm 3dBazén obdélník s rovným schodištěm 3dBazén ovál bez schodiště 3dBazén ovál s čelním schodištěm 3dBazén ovál s rohovým schodištěm 3dBazén kapka 3dBazén polovál bez schodiště 3dBazén polovál s rohovým schodištěm 3dBazén kruh 3dBazén spirála se schodištěm 3d

Look at the custom shapes we made on requests of our customers 


 Top edge

We weld a plastic tube, that has been cut in the middle, on the top of the pools edge. The tube ( better think of it as of a hose ) is in the same color as the pool and its diameter is 2,5 cm. Of course if you want to cover your pools edge with pavement, we'll not weld the tube on the pools edge.


Entering the pool

The pools entrance can be designed either with a stainless steel ladder or plastic romanic stairs, which are a part of the pools skelet.

Pool stairs

  1. Outer stairs in front
  2. Inner stairs in front
  3. Inner stairs in the corner
  4. Atypical stairs



                                                                            Pool prizing sample

    Price in czech crowns without VAT
Oval shape 5 x 3 x 1,2m  36 000 ,-
Filtration KIT 480 14 900 ,-
Skimmer 2 800 ,-
nozzle 2 x 1 850 ,-
Filtration sand 3x 25kg  1 170,-
Three steps stainless ladder 4 900 ,-
 Installation works 9 500 ,-
 Installation materials 9 800 ,-
 Total 80 920 ,-
 Total after discount 56 650 ,-
 Total after discount with VAT10%  62 320 ,-


In case that the pool will be a part of a house that meets the social living ( floor area is not bigger than 350 m2 ) standarts. A lower VAT is payed.

The prices depend on the type of the pool and its equipment. So we advice, that every customer enters the parameters of his dream pool in our non-binding order and send it to us. We will send you the estimates back as soon as possible.


Skimmer or a overflow border?

We have two options when we want to set the water level. Pool with a skimmer which has the water level about 10 centimeters under the pools top edge. Or with a overflow border in that case the water level would be at the same level as the pools top edge.

What are the advantages and disadvantages?

A pool which uses the skimmer technology is much more easier to build and install. These types of pools are very popular thank to their price availability, but are forbidden for comercial use. On the other side, pools with a overflow border are more luxurious. They are been used in the interiors and are easier to clean. The general impression of a pool with a overflow border is aesthetically perfect. There is one more great advantage for the pool with a overflow border. Swimming will be for you a better experience because the lack of wawes which are been led to the overflow channel. However a disadvantage for these pools is their price, which compared with the clasic skimmer technology pool is much higher.


Enter your non binding order

Take a look on the actual sales!

bazén obdélník s dlažbouskelet bazénuskelet bazénuskelet bazénu oválskelet bazénu ovál se schodištěmskelet bazénu ovál se schodištěmskelet bazénu ovál se schodištěmskelet bazénu ovál s románským schodištěmskelet bazénu ovál s románským schodištěmskelet bazénuskelet bazénu ovál s románským schodištěmBazén spirála celkový pohledBazén spirála celkový pohledBazén spirála pohled na schodištěBazén spirála pohled na předbazínekBazén pohoda obláček pohled na schodištěBazén pohoda obláček pohled na obláčkové vlnkyBazén pohoda obláčekBazén pohoda obláček


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