OLBEST - bazény - septiky - Jaroslav PeterOstravská 56, 739 25 Sviadnov, okr. Frýdek-Místek, tel.: 558 655 561, fax: 558 655 561 ,web:www.bazeny-olbest.cz, email:info@bazeny-olbest.cz, IEO: 12091596 , DIE: CZ6305090154, mob: 777 566 646


Our motto: The key to a successful business is in finding an activity you'll love and a way how to offer it to your customers.

The lust for trying new things and a businessman's spirit were the reasons, which led mr Jaroslav Peter to found the OLBEST company in the year 1992. Together with his co-workers and a wide circle of customers he slowly established a stable and dynamic company, wihch at first was engaged with buying and selling goods. Since the year 1995 is the company producing: Plastic pools, Plastic cesspools, Plastic septics, Ground filters, Hydrometric shafts, pumpind sumps, wastewater treatment plants and many other plastic products which the company delivers not only to the Czech Republic but also to the whole Europe. Early in the year 2009 became J.Peter owner of the RK systemtechnik s.r.o. company. By fuzing these two companies a second plant was established in Jamartice u Rýmařova of the total workroom 3 250 m2. The second plant is engaged with the production of: Galvanization plants,  Acid pickling and products that require high resistance against chemicals. Also the pool roofing production was transferred there.




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