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Swimming pools production - Wastewater treatment plants - Cesspools - Septics - Hydrometric shafts - Trapdoors for wells - Rainwater containers - Pool roofing

 Since the year 1995 we are producing plastic swimming pools. Of course with the higher market demand, are also increasing the numbers of companies which offer the same services. But is it really smart to buy from someone without any history? Choose a traditional producer, who is able to guarantee quality, long durability and a reliable guarantee. Contact us if you need:


  • Plastis swimming pools
  • Hydrometric shaft
  • Plastic cesspools
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Plastic septics
  • Polycarbonate pool roofing
  • Pumping sumps
  • Other plastic products                                       




Žumpy a septikyBazén
obdélnik s románským schodištěmZemní filtrNádoba na dešťovou voduČOV - čistička odpadních vodPoklopy na cokolivVodoměrná šachtazastřešení bazénu

     Cesspools                 pools              Ground filters     Water containers     WWTP           Trap doors      Hydrometric shafts  Pool roofing                


Mark of quality and a fair price     

Prefabricated pools are often considered cheaper then those produced on a order. But this is not our case. We offer you high quality, great prices and pools according to your exact request. Thank to this combination we deliver our products to all Europe.

Plastic cesspools, Wastewater treatment plants and other plastic products

Similar construction needs and the use of the same materials led us to with the production of pools also to produce: Plastic cesspools, plastic septics, hydrometric shafts etc. In contrast to the concrete variants are plastic products much more easier to install and maintain. The plastic itself has the durability over 50 years. Do you need any more information?!

OLBEST - You are important to us!

No matter if you need or if you are just considering to buy a plastic pool, cesspool or other plastic products, ask what a reliable company rich with experiences and long years of tradition can offer to you. We are ranked among the head producers of plastic cesspools in Czech Republic. Our products have two things in common, High quality and Fair price. Thank to this we have got many customers among the private and the busines entities. So join them and contact us today!


Zemní filtr, čistička odpadních vod, nádoba na dešťovou vodu, vodoměrná šachticeBazény před odvozemBazény před odvozemSklad žumpČistička odpadních vodVodoměrná šachticeNádoba na dešťovou voduBazény před odvozemBazény před odvozemSklad materiáluBazény před odvozemBazény před odvozemSklad žump, septiku a materiáluŠachtice





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